David Victor formerly of BOSTON:
"The Hits of Boston & Styx"

(formerly "Bostyx")

David Victor: The Hits of Boston & Styx features all the hits of these two iconic American rock bands together in one amazing, harmonious and powerful live show featuring David Victor, former vocalist/guitarist for multi-platinum superstars BOSTON. David recorded and toured with BOSTON on two North American tours and performed lead vocals on a #1 hit single in 2014 with the song “Heaven On Earth”. 

David Victor: The Hits of Boston & Styx features an amazing line-up of LA’s finest performing rock talent, including drummer/vocalist Glenn Jost who deftly handles the powerful and distinctive vocals of Dennis DeYoung. Gunslinger Roby Duron, groove-meister Manny Aguirre and keyboardist and producer extraordinare Victor Bender help make this band the premiere live re-creation of the studio sounds of Boston and Styx. Get some for your event today!

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