4 thoughts on “Welcome to BOSTYX 3.0”

  1. My son and I just saw BOSTYX at the OC Fair, 8/3/18. It was an amazing show. The level of musicianship it takes to play the music of Boston and Styx puts BOSTYX in a class of their own. Truly, an outstanding performance. Thanks ! Thomas and Kyle

    • Thank you for your kind words Thomas! Hope to see you at another show soon. The new name is “David Victor: The Hits of Boston & Styx”. Look for us!

  2. Took my wife to a show in Ohio, 6.5 he drive from our home, let’s just say she is a country music lover, so her expectation were to say the least, not very high. She was doing it for me. After meeting the band in a pre-show meet/ greet, she was very impressed with how genuine the band members were, and really listened to us. Then the show started a bit later, a few notes into the opening song by David, she turns to me and says omg, he sounds amazing, way better than I was expecting. Then repeated herself when Glen sang. Let’s just say, we have another fan in the house and next summer when you come to Wisconsin, you will have many more! Thank you Bostyx for a great show in Tiffin!!

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