BOSTYX Unplugged: Acoustic Instruments, Incredible Vocal Harmonies.

BOSTYX featuring DAVID VICTOR formerly of BOSTON also performs as an “unplugged” acoustic ensemble for venues and upscale events with lower volume requirements. BOSTYX’s acoustic performance highlights the amazing vocal harmonies and melodies of BOSTON and STYX and is perfect for sophisticated venues and occasions. BOSTYX Unplugged performs all the greatest hits including “More Than A Feeling”, “Peace of Mind”, “Amanda”, “Lady” and “Come Sail Away”. Being unplugged also allows for performances of some of the most intimate, heartfelt album cuts from these two great bands, including STYX’s “Crystal Ball” and BOSTON’s “A Man I’ll Never Be” and “Hitch A Ride”. 

No other act provides such an entertaining, intimate and nuanced performance of this great American music as BOSTYX Unplugged.

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